Facts About Lavender Bath Salts

Making lavender bath saltsThe lavender bath salts are the most popular baths salts used by a number of people. Lavender oil is rich in therapeutic properties and that makes the lavender bath salts a favourite of many. Adding these salts to your hot bath will provide you all the relaxation you want and will take care of many health problems too.

Lavender is a small fragrant shrub that has long bluish-green branches that have very pretty purple buds. It was originally found in the Mediterranean region and it always manages to impress people with its beauty.

The Romans were the first to use it for its healing quality. Now you can find it as an important ingredient in many health and beauty products.

You can easily find perfumes, herbal medicines, and essential oils made with lavender. Some people also believe that the power of mercury is induced by the use of lavender so it is good for the spiritual development and for the psychic growth too.

A large variety of fragrances are available in bath salts. All of them have some or the other unique quality. The lavender bath salts have a very sweet floral scent. They are known to provide a relaxing experience and assure a comfortable, peaceful sleep. People suffering from insomnia are often prescribed a bath with these salts before they sleep. The bath makes their body mildly fragrant and they can easily drift off to sleep with the help of its soothing hypnotic smell. If you have sore feet or are suffering from a stiff back, you must soak yourself in a hot bath with lavender bath salts and see the magical effect. They can even relieve stress and can make you feel wonderful. They make the skin soft and supple. You will surely be tempted to keep touching your skin again and again.

Although they are easily available, the lavender bath salts can be made at home too. Just mix lavender essential oils with calendula oil and bath salts and its ready.  It is very easy to make and hardly take any time. This homemade product is much cheaper than the readymade ones available in the market. If you want you can give it as a gift to the special people in your life.

The lavender bath salts and other lavender products are not good for pregnant ladies. It is advised that their doctor should be consulted before trying to use them in any form. Sometimes people develop allergies when they use lavender bath salts. Before using them for the first time, one should do a test to see if these salts suit them. Just soak the hand or feet first for some time and if there is no allergy then go ahead for a pleasurable experience.

With all these qualities, it is not difficult to understand why the lavender bath salts are so much in demand. They are definitely a sure way to relax and get pampered!

Making At Home Lavender Bath Salts
To make your lavender bath salts, you have to prepare some material and tools first.

Lavender Bath Salts How TO
Lavender bath salts can be used for relaxing after a long day at work.  The lavender bath salts are also great for de-stressing after a long day

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